Bring on the bubbles!


Oh, what a delight!

This Cava from Wine Insiders is gonna be hard to beat!  Beautiful, tiny bubbles that just don’t stop, floral fruity aromas, and a taste that took me FOREVER to figure out.

The only way to describe it was cherry croissant. Yea, I know.

I guess the only way to understand it is to try it.  Get over to Wine Insiders, and get some for yourself!


Be sure to roll them rrrrrrs!

This was a spicy one!  Quite earthy,  barely fruity, and hot.  It rolled on the tongue, and paired well with dinner, which featured spicy ground beef.  This is one that could do great a little cooler; I enjoyed it more after leaving my glass in the fridge for a bit.  Too cold, and it literally zaps your tongue and you can’t taste a thing. *take my word for it*

You guessed it, this was from Wine Insiders.

Oooooo honey!

Say it with me, now: Sauvignon blanc.
Ok, I know this is one of the wines that can get pretty complex, so I went into it with my mind completely open.  I poured it out, swirled my glass, and spotted some peach in the aroma, amongst something floral.  There was something else I couldn’t quite nail down until I tasted it.  Unmistakably,  it was honey.

Honey is one of the flavors I’ve read about but not yet encountered in the wild.  Of course, finally running to it was exciting for me.  This wine was smooth, and paired well with my dinner (can’t remember what it was).  Another win for the whites from Wine Insiders!


So, I poured this one out, keeping expectations pretty low.   I stuck my nose in the glass, and to my surprise, I was met with a first.  Melon! Crisp and refreshing, citrus notes also came thru,  but I got a big juicy helping of cantaloupe right off the bat.  Still, it was light bodied and mellow.

A pleasant surprise,  and a good one for a hot summer day when you’re thirsty as hell.

We have Wine Insiders to thank for this one!


IMG_20170807_183642Yanno, I  was starting to get concerned.  I developed a bias towards red wines.  I wondered if I would be able to enjoy a white as much as I have been my reds.

Then, along came this lovely.  Smooth, floral on the nose, peachy and full bodied. Went down easily and I wanna say slightly sweet.  Definitely enjoyed this with my breakfast *ahem* which featured cornbread.  Another white blend that I enjoyed from Wine Insiders!



Petit Sirah, oooh la la!

Mmmmm, now this one, with it’s bold cherry flavors, hot vanilla finish, and velvety smoothness, has made me a fan!  This is what I expect from a full bodied wine. The flavor was great to enjoy alone or with food, and I just can’t get enough of that texture! I believe it comes from very well balanced tannins.

Petite Syrah is not like a “smaller” version of Syrah or Shiraz, but it’s actually a hybrid of Syrah and another grape, Peloursin, which is nearly extinct (source).

It’s nearly opaque, and quite dry, but that fruitiness gave up a mouthful! I’ve already ordered 6 more #noshame #sorrynotsorry

There’s a first time for everything…

Big fat welp coming!

So, this is a another Wine Insiders treat, which so far, hasn’t disappointed. I opened this wine with high hopes for my chicken alfredo, but alas, my heart sunk. I sniffed around for vague apple aromas, along with something else.  What that was, was completely lost on me.

I soldiered on, sipping. Dry, almost astringent citrus flavors gave way to the apple I perceived, but then were washed away by that something.  My best guess was that “mineral” flavor I’ve read about before. While it did present an overall crispness that was quenchworthy (just roll with me, I make up words, ok?), This glass of white just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I even went as far as to bake a whole damn apple crumble.  Thinking it might been the food I was pairing it with. Still a no.  I’m just glad I tried. But this crosses Chardonnay from South Africa off my list.

Maybe next time, Trebuchet.

The King of Reds


Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon!

I totally get it!

I got this bottle from my Wine Insiders shipment…

I swirled my glass, smelling tons of juicy red fruits like cherry and berry.

The taste was way more complex than I’ve experienced so far.  The cherry was still there, but before the alcohol finished me off, I want to say I caught some kind of spice.

First, we paired it with dinner, cheese tortellini in red sauce with steak strips. It was great.

The next day, we nibbled it with dark chocolate.  Still a winner.

I’ve been having tons of fun retraining my palate for wine.  Even though it isn’t sweet at all, I can still taste the ✌️🏾fruitiness ✌️🏾 and complexity in this wine.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed it.

Wine pairing doesn’t have to be complicated at all. When dining out, let the waiter recommend something you’ll enjoy.  Remember that the flavors in wine can echo flavors in your meal, like roasted meat, and spices, but at the same time stand on their own with flavors of fruit, berry, or even vanilla.

My first red blend



Geja’s Big Bold Red

Big. Bold. Red.

So far, I’m speechless.

Smooth, definitely bold, and hot.  I felt it right down to my stomach.  I can’t pin down the flavors, which is a typical issue with blends, but I want to say there’s definitely some cherry in here, and something else savory, maybe the oak or even leather.

I heard somewhere that its a huge no-no to chill your reds.  But, doing so won’t kill you.  It just makes you some sort of weirdo 🤡🤓😲 or something.  I enjoyed this room temperature.  And it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Wine Insiders definitely got it again!  So good I had to buy another!