BedVyne Cotes de Provence


Yet another rose, and this time, its from a local spot named Bed-Vyne!

I popped the cork on this baby and swirled it in my glass.  Very faint floral aromas, with bright strawberry peeking through.  On the tongue, it was crisp, and clean, but the finish left something to be desired.  I want to say there was a young acidic tinge that cut the finish short, but I would venture to guess there’s got to be something I could pair this with that would be harmonious.  Think a citrus-y rind flavor.  That sharp, sometimes astringent quality that isn’t always bad, but can possibly mellow out with aging.

Overall, it was of a gorgeous color that nearly glowed, and definitely one I would try again.



RUZA label


RUZA in glass

Yes, I know, the glass defeats the purpose, but hear me out…

Soooooo I was excited for this canned wine. Single servings are my best friend since I tend to drink alone.  Anywho, this three pack from my very first Winc box was my first order of business.

I cracked one open, and noticed it was slightly fizzy (they tell you about this). One sip, and I imagined how satisfying this must be on a hot sunny day at the beach or even at home on the porch.  Light, crisp, and bright, I caught watermelon in there and longed for more.  But there was something else in there I couldn’t put my finger on.

Whatever it was, it went away as soon as I poured my can out into a glass.  Maybe it’s the brainfart after drinking wine from a can, or maybe, legitimately, something about the tin tasted off.  Whatever it was, I found the wine much more enjoyable after being poured into a glass.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good straight out of the can.

Definitely a keeper!

Why not?

So, this weekend, I was hanging out with my good friend Zetty and we were headed to a family BBQ.  Never one to show up empty handed, she dropped by our local Wine & Spirits and brought two faves:


Now, I’m gonna mention again that I am no wine snob. I’m having a great time with these boutique wines I get from here and there.  I choose not to buy my wines retail because I’m comfortable with how much I spend and what I get.  However, in mixed company, it’s always appropriate to rest on something familiar and comfortable.

With all that being said, I had a great time with Sweet Bitch and Barefoot!

The Sweet Bitch Moscato rosé was super sweet, in a palatable way.  It was almost syrupy.  Strawberry aromas and sour watermelon candy flavors (!) made this enjoyable with all the typical BBQ fare, as well as on its own.  Chilled, of course.

Barefoot’s white zinfandel was a lot more mellow.  Ever so slightly effervescent, and full of cherry.  Way more refreshing than the former, but just as good.

Sometimes it’s cool to just go with the flow.  Not everyday is a time for adventure.  I love falling back with these familiar faces; I know what I’m getting, and everyone can enjoy.

#ThirstyTuesdays at the Greene Grape

The name and packaging go together, which is fun, if you’re into 40 oz’s *Jay-Z cringe*

In either case, it’s worth it.  Yummy light flavors of watermelon and juicy red fruits with a bit of tartness that makes you want to take it to the head.  Not a sweet one in the least, but still satisfies and could be perfect for the beach.  You and the homies who ain’t here are gonna have a good time with this one.

From the label:

Grab it now at

The Greene Grape

765 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217