Let’s Party!


We all love sweet wines, but that’s only ONE element of the flavor of a wine.  There’s so much more to enjoy, like:

🍷rich tannins in a bold red
🍷floral notes in a light white
🍷flirty fruit in a dainty rosé
🍷If you really wanna get fancy, I’ll level you up to learning the difference in sparkling wines (Champagne ain’t the only bubbly stuff)!**🍾


I did tons of research and I want to share it Wine bottleswith you.  Check out my blog for some fun reads and just enough info to get you ready for a Personal Wine Tasting with yours truly.  I bring the wine, glasses, facts, and fun.  Once we’re done, you’ll know the difference between Pinot Noir and a table wine (and why the latter isn’t always that bad!) 


**Please email for Sparkling flights