RUZA label


RUZA in glass

Yes, I know, the glass defeats the purpose, but hear me out…

Soooooo I was excited for this canned wine. Single servings are my best friend since I tend to drink alone.  Anywho, this three pack from my very first Winc box was my first order of business.

I cracked one open, and noticed it was slightly fizzy (they tell you about this). One sip, and I imagined how satisfying this must be on a hot sunny day at the beach or even at home on the porch.  Light, crisp, and bright, I caught watermelon in there and longed for more.  But there was something else in there I couldn’t put my finger on.

Whatever it was, it went away as soon as I poured my can out into a glass.  Maybe it’s the brainfart after drinking wine from a can, or maybe, legitimately, something about the tin tasted off.  Whatever it was, I found the wine much more enjoyable after being poured into a glass.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good straight out of the can.

Definitely a keeper!

My first Müller-Thurgau

From VINEBOX, no less, and boy, did it not disappoint at all.

Smooth, fruity, and not so sweet, but mellow enough to enjoy alone.  My friends (in the head) at VINEBOX said it paired well it a good bag of potato chips.  Perfect for a lightweight like me who absolutely *needs* to snack while wining.  I’m getting my hands on some more, because my friends have *got* to try this.

I really wanna admit how obsessed I am with the packaging from VINEBOX and it was bittersweet cracking this guy open.  I have more coming in a few weeks (what did you expect?), so I’m just making room 😁.


Be sure to roll them rrrrrrs!

This was a spicy one!  Quite earthy,  barely fruity, and hot.  It rolled on the tongue, and paired well with dinner, which featured spicy ground beef.  This is one that could do great a little cooler; I enjoyed it more after leaving my glass in the fridge for a bit.  Too cold, and it literally zaps your tongue and you can’t taste a thing. *take my word for it*

You guessed it, this was from Wine Insiders.

Oooooo honey!

Say it with me, now: Sauvignon blanc.
Ok, I know this is one of the wines that can get pretty complex, so I went into it with my mind completely open.  I poured it out, swirled my glass, and spotted some peach in the aroma, amongst something floral.  There was something else I couldn’t quite nail down until I tasted it.  Unmistakably,  it was honey.

Honey is one of the flavors I’ve read about but not yet encountered in the wild.  Of course, finally running to it was exciting for me.  This wine was smooth, and paired well with my dinner (can’t remember what it was).  Another win for the whites from Wine Insiders!

Why not?

So, this weekend, I was hanging out with my good friend Zetty and we were headed to a family BBQ.  Never one to show up empty handed, she dropped by our local Wine & Spirits and brought two faves:


Now, I’m gonna mention again that I am no wine snob. I’m having a great time with these boutique wines I get from here and there.  I choose not to buy my wines retail because I’m comfortable with how much I spend and what I get.  However, in mixed company, it’s always appropriate to rest on something familiar and comfortable.

With all that being said, I had a great time with Sweet Bitch and Barefoot!

The Sweet Bitch Moscato rosé was super sweet, in a palatable way.  It was almost syrupy.  Strawberry aromas and sour watermelon candy flavors (!) made this enjoyable with all the typical BBQ fare, as well as on its own.  Chilled, of course.

Barefoot’s white zinfandel was a lot more mellow.  Ever so slightly effervescent, and full of cherry.  Way more refreshing than the former, but just as good.

Sometimes it’s cool to just go with the flow.  Not everyday is a time for adventure.  I love falling back with these familiar faces; I know what I’m getting, and everyone can enjoy.


So, I poured this one out, keeping expectations pretty low.   I stuck my nose in the glass, and to my surprise, I was met with a first.  Melon! Crisp and refreshing, citrus notes also came thru,  but I got a big juicy helping of cantaloupe right off the bat.  Still, it was light bodied and mellow.

A pleasant surprise,  and a good one for a hot summer day when you’re thirsty as hell.

We have Wine Insiders to thank for this one!


IMG_20170807_183642Yanno, I  was starting to get concerned.  I developed a bias towards red wines.  I wondered if I would be able to enjoy a white as much as I have been my reds.

Then, along came this lovely.  Smooth, floral on the nose, peachy and full bodied. Went down easily and I wanna say slightly sweet.  Definitely enjoyed this with my breakfast *ahem* which featured cornbread.  Another white blend that I enjoyed from Wine Insiders!



Make a Choice


I’m sure you’ve read my posts that answer the question, Why?  Read more to know how.

So, when I go to my local Wine & Spirits, I run into the same old names, and maybe a few, new on the scene, distributed for mass consumption.  I can either rest on my familiar comforts, or step out of my comfort zone to a hit or miss.

General - Winc Box - 300x200

My preference is to utilize a subscription that not only guarantees satisfaction (most clubs will replace a selection if you don’t like it), but comes right to my door, and is expertly curated.

Like I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s the difference between sticking with a mass produced name or shopping boutique.

I’ve always been different.

I love looking forward to my shipments, reading about my wines, and drinking premium wines that I haven’t paid premium prices for.  There’s absolutely no guesswork for me, and honestly, no legwork, either!

Instead of strolling the same aisles to still take a shot in the dark when you’re feeling adventurous, why not have the pros choose for you, and ship it right to your door?

It’s really a no brainer.


For more details on a few of the wine clubs out there now, click here.

Petit Sirah, oooh la la!

Mmmmm, now this one, with it’s bold cherry flavors, hot vanilla finish, and velvety smoothness, has made me a fan!  This is what I expect from a full bodied wine. The flavor was great to enjoy alone or with food, and I just can’t get enough of that texture! I believe it comes from very well balanced tannins.

Petite Syrah is not like a “smaller” version of Syrah or Shiraz, but it’s actually a hybrid of Syrah and another grape, Peloursin, which is nearly extinct (source).

It’s nearly opaque, and quite dry, but that fruitiness gave up a mouthful! I’ve already ordered 6 more #noshame #sorrynotsorry