Wine Awesomeness!!!

Wine Awesomeness


Lemme just tell you, I been DYING and I mean DYING to try this wine club for theee longest! And lo and behold, I get a coupon to try it for $9!  Thats right!  A $49 value for $9!  Shipping and everything!

One of the 3 wines from my Wine Awesomeness box!

And sis, the wine is BOMB!

My box featured wines from Hungary, as well as a little booklet explaining the wines as well as good pairing recipes, too!


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My tongue has gone blind

Ok, so, before you freak out, I just wanna explain what I mean.

Tonight, for the first time in way too long, I had a glass of wine. Let’s just say I stayed away from wine in general because my schedule didn’t really allow for me to indulge. In any case, tonight I cracked open a glass from VINEBOX and it was this amazing Graves from Bordeaux, and I couldn’t taste a thing.

It tasted like wine, hadn’t gone bad or anything, but I just tasted alcohol. I couldn’t detect any fruit, mineral, or anything. I’m hoping that its just a case of being away for so long that I forgot how to drink wine, but it reminded me that no matter what’s going on, I need to really push thru and make the effort to enjoy a glass of wine regularly.

While I’m here, I also wanna explain that VINEBOX has changed their model since the last time I wrote about it. Now, instead of a monthly subscription that brings you 3 wines by the glass, they have switched to quarterly and now send 12 wines at at time. Still the same beautiful vials of wine by the glass, but now a bigger shipment that only comes 4 times per year.

If you haven’t already, head over to VINEBOX to join the fun!

I guess it’s the thought that counts..right?

Ok, so, first of all (you know it’s about to be some shit when you stat with “first of all,” but anyway), I generally stay *very far* away from “flavored” wines of ANY TYPE. However, I happened upon a chocolate wine some years ago that looked like a yoohoo so I thought that’s what I was getting here. I read the label and saw the words “artificial flavors” and felt instant dread. Mama didn’t raise no quitter so I forged onward.

In the glass, gorgeous color, but the “chocolate” aroma hit me like a ton of bricks.

Then I tasted it.

It was red wine with artificial chocolate flavor. It tasted like exactly what it was. In case you were wondering, it’s something I will NEVER do again. I’m sticking to my no flavor guns from here on out.

Boringly Zesty

So, every now and then I run into a bottle that completely underwhelms me.
This was one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, great color, aromas of pineapple, bright and citrus notes on the palate; if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll love this one.  I’m finding Sauvignon Blancs to be hit or miss lately.

I will say, this went well in a mimosa, so keep that in mind.  All was not lost after all.

A very likeable Chardonnay

Mmmm full bodied white wines FTW!!!

This creamy wonder came from Australia, via Direct Cellars. From the time I popped the bottle, the aroma was quite strong.  The bouquet was hard to nail down, but it was tingly on the tongue and velvety smooth. I could definitely taste the alcohol, and citrus like flavors.

I’d do it again.

Sußen, pronounced zoo-sin

It was a Riesling, from Germany via Wine Insiders.

Soft and full bodied on the tongue, floral aromas hinted at the slight sweetness of this very pale, and quite unassuming white. Apple yumminess came thru with a sweetness that reminded my friend of Moscato.

Definitely on my list of faces!

Bring on the bubbles!


Oh, what a delight!

This Cava from Wine Insiders is gonna be hard to beat!  Beautiful, tiny bubbles that just don’t stop, floral fruity aromas, and a taste that took me FOREVER to figure out.

The only way to describe it was cherry croissant. Yea, I know.

I guess the only way to understand it is to try it.  Get over to Wine Insiders, and get some for yourself!


HB4116What a romantic, mysterious name for an equally romantic and mysterious wine.

A VINEBOX treat.

Deeply red, nearly opaque, I caught cherry/raspberry on the aroma, but couldn’t nail down anything specific on the palate.  Maybe my lack of experience, maybe I’m having an off night, but I got smooth fruit.  Not too tart, and full of body and flavor. A nice flavor, but it was all fruit to me.

HB4116As per accompanying infocard: “Negroamaro boasts baked raspberry, ripe plum, and spice-cabinet notes like anise and cinnamon.” 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’ll take their word for it.

Either way, I enjoyed it. I could buy a whole bottle and drink it with my lover, while staring into his eyes.  There was something seductive about the smoothness and ambiguousness of flavors.  Get you some at VINEBOX, my link gets you $10 off your first order!

BedVyne Cotes de Provence


Yet another rose, and this time, its from a local spot named Bed-Vyne!

I popped the cork on this baby and swirled it in my glass.  Very faint floral aromas, with bright strawberry peeking through.  On the tongue, it was crisp, and clean, but the finish left something to be desired.  I want to say there was a young acidic tinge that cut the finish short, but I would venture to guess there’s got to be something I could pair this with that would be harmonious.  Think a citrus-y rind flavor.  That sharp, sometimes astringent quality that isn’t always bad, but can possibly mellow out with aging.

Overall, it was of a gorgeous color that nearly glowed, and definitely one I would try again.

A beautiful bouquet…

HB4116HB4116I rated this one ⭐⭐⭐/5.

Once upon a VINEBOX, I read the info cards and one told a tale of rose petals and fresh menthol. Completely puzzled, I unscrewed the cap and took a whiff.  Sure enough, the beautiful smell of rose filled my nostrils.  Always the classy lady, I poured this dark red vial into a glass and swirled some more, sniffing to my little hearts content.

When it came time to taste, the faint rose aroma gave way to a medium bodied, pruny delight that, as promised, finished with a hint of mint.  I found this to be a plot twist for the worst. I’m not a huge fan of mint in my food, but I read this wine would be amazing with a lamb dish.

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