My Favorite Blogs

What? Did you think just because I have my own blog I don’t read other ones? Of course not! Part of how I got started with wine so quickly is the fact that I kept up with some of the most awesome blogs on wine. Here they are:

Wine Folly

If you follow me on Twitter, you know Madeline Puckette is my friend-in-the-head (we are BBFs in my mind, but she probably doesn’t know I even exist). I love Wine Folly’s content because it is so thorough and easy to understand. Don’t get me started on her book. Its one of my top reads! Get it here! Next is some of those gorgeous posters for my office. I would call Wine Folly an obsession, but, I think you get it by now.

Wine Enthusiast

I’ve subscribed to Wine Enthusiast for years now, and it’s one of my favorite magazines because it’s all wine, all over the world, and what’s new in wine right now. Their website, same deal. All the major wine events, new trends, as well as the wine biz on a whole are in this blog. Definitely another good one. Check them here.

Food & Wine

Food is wine’s best friend. Read about how they have fun together here. Recipes and trends galore. Appeal to your inner foodie by bringing out the best in your new favorite wines!



Last but not least! Class it up with advanced level wine etiquette, pairing techniques, wine travel, and more! Definitely where you go to step your game ALL THE WAY UP. Don’t be shy about peeking around, some of my biggest wine questions get answered right here.

I guess it’s the thought that counts..right?

Ok, so, first of all (you know it’s about to be some shit when you stat with “first of all,” but anyway), I generally stay *very far* away from “flavored” wines of ANY TYPE. However, I happened upon a chocolate wine some years ago that looked like a yoohoo so I thought that’s what I was getting here. I read the label and saw the words “artificial flavors” and felt instant dread. Mama didn’t raise no quitter so I forged onward.

In the glass, gorgeous color, but the “chocolate” aroma hit me like a ton of bricks.

Then I tasted it.

It was red wine with artificial chocolate flavor. It tasted like exactly what it was. In case you were wondering, it’s something I will NEVER do again. I’m sticking to my no flavor guns from here on out.