But first, a story…


pexels-photo-290316Recently, on two separate occasions, I’ve watched someone cry out in sheer boredom at the lack of stimulation everyday life was giving her.  Stress was everywhere; at home, at work.  All work and no play was making her a dull girl and her entire spirit yearned for something new.

I can’t say I’ve never been there before. Getting restless with the same old routine, going straight home after work, to veg out on Netflix until I fell asleep.  Trying to link with friends became a chore; if it wasn’t our schedules that had trouble syncing, our wallets just couldn’t see eye to eye.  I started to wonder, “do I need new friends?”  Where’s my popping ass crew of super savages?   My A-team that stayed ready so we never had to get ready?  My Entourage who was never a minute away from the turn up?  In the meantime I waited around for something new to be a part of, I happened upon a hobby.  

As simple as it seemed, finding something to keep my hands (and brain) busy got me thru the slump and into my new favorite thing to do.  Once I got a hold of my “thing” *pause* I started to seek out other saavy sistas like me.  And to my surprise, they were right here waiting!  Completely over the typical club hop or speed dating event, me and my girls have ventured into a not so new frontier that not only brought us all together, but brought us into new spaces, new places, and new faces.

What could this great new pastime be?

Believe it or not, it was wine.

pexels-photo-66636.jpegNow, we’ve all enjoyed a glass of vino at dinner, so that’s nothing new.  Venturing into the world of wine as an enthusiast has taken me beyond a booth at my favorite restaurant.  It’s got me speaking a new language, meeting new people, and having more fun than I ever thought could fit in a glass.  Even when I’m at home enjoying a cool glass of cab on the couch, my mind drifts to a rocky plane in Italy, or some grassy hills in California, or a dank cave in France (and that’s before the buzz sets in).  With friends, we can chat for hours over what we smell and taste, and what foods would taste even more amazing beside a glass of the good stuff.

Boredom is a word that just doesn’t exist in my vocabulary anymore.  Even on a date, my glass becomes the conversation.  You’d be surprised what you learn about a person by their taste in wine.  All of a sudden, you’re the most interesting girl in the world 😏.

Please accept my personal invitation to something new in your life.  Have fun with me and my friends as we sip, discover, travel and fall in love with what’s been right under your nose this whole time.

Don’t worry, I’ll bring the wine. 💋💋💋

Wine Awesomeness!!!

Wine Awesomeness


Lemme just tell you, I been DYING and I mean DYING to try this wine club for theee longest! And lo and behold, I get a coupon to try it for $9!  Thats right!  A $49 value for $9!  Shipping and everything!

One of the 3 wines from my Wine Awesomeness box!

And sis, the wine is BOMB!

My box featured wines from Hungary, as well as a little booklet explaining the wines as well as good pairing recipes, too!


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My tongue has gone blind

Ok, so, before you freak out, I just wanna explain what I mean.

Tonight, for the first time in way too long, I had a glass of wine. Let’s just say I stayed away from wine in general because my schedule didn’t really allow for me to indulge. In any case, tonight I cracked open a glass from VINEBOX and it was this amazing Graves from Bordeaux, and I couldn’t taste a thing.

It tasted like wine, hadn’t gone bad or anything, but I just tasted alcohol. I couldn’t detect any fruit, mineral, or anything. I’m hoping that its just a case of being away for so long that I forgot how to drink wine, but it reminded me that no matter what’s going on, I need to really push thru and make the effort to enjoy a glass of wine regularly.

While I’m here, I also wanna explain that VINEBOX has changed their model since the last time I wrote about it. Now, instead of a monthly subscription that brings you 3 wines by the glass, they have switched to quarterly and now send 12 wines at at time. Still the same beautiful vials of wine by the glass, but now a bigger shipment that only comes 4 times per year.

If you haven’t already, head over to VINEBOX to join the fun!

Villa Ruby

Ladies and gentlemen, rosé season is finally here!

I snuck this bottle in one night (hence no poured shots), but I can’t keep it a secret at all. Full bodied, with aromas of bright fresh flowers and strawberries. It’s off-dry, but still quite crisp and very satisfying. The bottle looks huge, but the glass is pretty thick, so it went just as fast as any other bottle 😩😩😩

Get it at Wine Insiders with my coupon code: ZG7A13. It’ll get you $25 bucks off your first order of $50 or more!Cheers!