My tongue has gone blind

Ok, so, before you freak out, I just wanna explain what I mean.

Tonight, for the first time in way too long, I had a glass of wine. Let’s just say I stayed away from wine in general because my schedule didn’t really allow for me to indulge. In any case, tonight I cracked open a glass from VINEBOX and it was this amazing Graves from Bordeaux, and I couldn’t taste a thing.

It tasted like wine, hadn’t gone bad or anything, but I just tasted alcohol. I couldn’t detect any fruit, mineral, or anything. I’m hoping that its just a case of being away for so long that I forgot how to drink wine, but it reminded me that no matter what’s going on, I need to really push thru and make the effort to enjoy a glass of wine regularly.

While I’m here, I also wanna explain that VINEBOX has changed their model since the last time I wrote about it. Now, instead of a monthly subscription that brings you 3 wines by the glass, they have switched to quarterly and now send 12 wines at at time. Still the same beautiful vials of wine by the glass, but now a bigger shipment that only comes 4 times per year.

If you haven’t already, head over to VINEBOX to join the fun!