RUZA label


RUZA in glass

Yes, I know, the glass defeats the purpose, but hear me out…

Soooooo I was excited for this canned wine. Single servings are my best friend since I tend to drink alone.  Anywho, this three pack from my very first Winc box was my first order of business.

I cracked one open, and noticed it was slightly fizzy (they tell you about this). One sip, and I imagined how satisfying this must be on a hot sunny day at the beach or even at home on the porch.  Light, crisp, and bright, I caught watermelon in there and longed for more.  But there was something else in there I couldn’t put my finger on.

Whatever it was, it went away as soon as I poured my can out into a glass.  Maybe it’s the brainfart after drinking wine from a can, or maybe, legitimately, something about the tin tasted off.  Whatever it was, I found the wine much more enjoyable after being poured into a glass.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good straight out of the can.

Definitely a keeper!

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