Why not?

So, this weekend, I was hanging out with my good friend Zetty and we were headed to a family BBQ.  Never one to show up empty handed, she dropped by our local Wine & Spirits and brought two faves:


Now, I’m gonna mention again that I am no wine snob. I’m having a great time with these boutique wines I get from here and there.  I choose not to buy my wines retail because I’m comfortable with how much I spend and what I get.  However, in mixed company, it’s always appropriate to rest on something familiar and comfortable.

With all that being said, I had a great time with Sweet Bitch and Barefoot!

The Sweet Bitch Moscato rosé was super sweet, in a palatable way.  It was almost syrupy.  Strawberry aromas and sour watermelon candy flavors (!) made this enjoyable with all the typical BBQ fare, as well as on its own.  Chilled, of course.

Barefoot’s white zinfandel was a lot more mellow.  Ever so slightly effervescent, and full of cherry.  Way more refreshing than the former, but just as good.

Sometimes it’s cool to just go with the flow.  Not everyday is a time for adventure.  I love falling back with these familiar faces; I know what I’m getting, and everyone can enjoy.

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