There’s a first time for everything…

Big fat welp coming!

So, this is a another Wine Insiders treat, which so far, hasn’t disappointed. I opened this wine with high hopes for my chicken alfredo, but alas, my heart sunk. I sniffed around for vague apple aromas, along with something else.  What that was, was completely lost on me.

I soldiered on, sipping. Dry, almost astringent citrus flavors gave way to the apple I perceived, but then were washed away by that something.  My best guess was that “mineral” flavor I’ve read about before. While it did present an overall crispness that was quenchworthy (just roll with me, I make up words, ok?), This glass of white just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I even went as far as to bake a whole damn apple crumble.  Thinking it might been the food I was pairing it with. Still a no.  I’m just glad I tried. But this crosses Chardonnay from South Africa off my list.

Maybe next time, Trebuchet.

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