Drinking Alone


Personally, I never pass up an opportunity to enjoy a good bottle of wine.  Whether I’m out at dinner with friends, kicking back at home with bae, or heating up leftovers alone.

There’s a strange taboo about consuming alcohol alone.  Some believe it increases the likelihood of alcoholism.  My opinion is it’s not drinking alone that get you in trouble, it’s drinking too much.

Overindulgence of any single thing is hardly ever good, so it’s always important to know your limits.  Make sure you know when to stop.

I typically have a glass while cooking, and that can kick up a serious buzz by the time dinner’s ready.  I take care to pace myself during and after dinner so I can still enjoy the rest of the night aware of myself and my surroundings.  Even when relaxing at home, I can’t help but pair my wine with a light snack like a rich piece of chocolate or even some fruit so I don’t get too drunk too fast. Honestly, for me, pairing my wines is one of my favorite ways to experience it, so it’s a regular habit of mine.

Sometimes, after a long day, I like to unwind with a glass.  I’m also careful not to chase my feelings with wine, as that’s never the best way to solve that problem.  I prefer to journal, until I’m a bit more relaxed, then cap it off with a glass of my favorite stuff while cuddling up on the couch with my favorite TV show.  It helps me sort things out and not get all foggy headed while still having a problem to solve.

If you or someone you love is suffering with drinking too much or inappropriately, please feel free to seek help by clicking here for more information.

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